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Water Supply Flow Testing

Before a water-based fire suppression system can be designed and in a building, Water Supply Flow Testing must be performed to determine the water flow rate and pressure at/near the building within a water distribution system.  The water flow rate and pressure are then used as a design variable when designing and installing sprinkler systems, and fire pumps in buildings. Water supply flow testing also is performed to identify the water supply design variable for sprinkler systems and internal pipe condition of a piping network.

How PLC Can Help

PLC has the necessary engineering expertise and experience with calibrated test equipment to perform water supply flow tests, as well as knowledgeable technical staff to select the appropriate fire hydrant(s) to test, apply the necessary limitations and assumptions to the test, and understand and interpret the results.

A detailed testing plan should be developed which identifies the various hydrant to be tested, and the various water isolation valves to be closed. If performed correctly, sections of the piping network can be isolated/tested and the expected water flow results can be compared against the actual water flow results and conclusions can be made to determine the adequacy of the water system.

Water Supply flow tests are also performed to measure the reduction or degradation of an interior piping systems without performing a destructive inspection of the piping. This type of testing is often referred to as a gradient test. To perform a gradient test of the water works piping system, many water flow test are required to measure the capacity “health” of the piping network.

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