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Solutions for Petrochemical Facilities

Petroleum production (e.g., activities including drilling, refinement, and storage) and transportation present unique and complex fire safety challenges, including the risk of explosion.


Petrochemical Safety Demands Expertise

Even facilities serving the same function can vary significantly: for instance, marine terminals and tank terminals have different characteristics that impact fire protection engineering. Only an organization with specific experience and expertise can understand and reliably apply fire safety standards to assist with the resilient design and safe operation of a petroleum facility.

fire safety in oil and gas


We offer a full range of fire and life safety services for petrochemical facilities—to learn more, please download our Solutions for Petrochemical Facilities infosheet.

If you don’t see a particular service, then please reach out—we might still be able to help you achieve your safety goals.

For complete service descriptions, please download our Services Guide.

Petroleum Industry Partners

Our team brings extensive expertise in fire protection engineering for the petroleum industry.

Our experience includes large oil- and gas-related projects—both for governments and for private sector organizations—in which we provided important services for refineries, marine and tank terminals, and pipelines.

We understand the importance of assessing the specialized hazards associated with petroleum processes, and we know how to design and to implement measures that mitigate risks from fire and explosion relating to oil and gas drilling, production, transportation, and storage.

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How Can We Help?

We’d love to understand your fire and life safety needs to see how we can help. Please reach out to us to schedule a conversation.

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