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Solutions for Educational Occupancies

Educational occupancies are defined as new or existing facilities in which six or more people gather for formal or structured instruction for more than four hours per day. Common examples of educational occupancies include universities, colleges, public schools, private schools, and academies.


Unique Challenges

These buildings contain occupancies ranging from computer labs to research labs to lecture theatres to recreational facilities; each type and variation presents specific fire protection and life safety challenges.

These facilities require hazard-specific fire protection systems and need effective plans to quickly and safely evacuate large numbers of people.


We offer a full range of fire and life safety services for educational occupancies—to learn more, please download our Solutions for Educational Occupancies infosheet.

If you don’t see a particular service, then please reach out—we might still be able to help you achieve your safety goals. For complete service descriptions, please download our Services Guide.

Engineering Fire Safe Educational Facilities

Providing acceptable fire safety in educational buildings often requires performance-based solutions (e.g., timed egress studies and modeling fire and smoke spread) to address unique building designs and uses. PLC has extensive experience designing fire protection solutions for educational occupancies, so we’re familiar with their unique needs and challenges.

We also recognize that many educational institutions have buildings of historic value, and we have helped preserve these facilities for continued use by demonstrating that current objectives for fire safety can be met.

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How Can We Help?

We’d love to understand your fire and life safety needs to see how we can help. Please reach out to us to schedule a conversation.

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