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We have Nine offices in North America and can be reached toll-free at 1(800) 675-2755

Office Address:
721 Depot Drive Anchorage, Alaska,
USA, 99501

Alaska Office

721 Depot Drive
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: (907) 206-5558

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Calgary Office

Altius Centre
500 4th Avenue South West, Suite 2500
Calgary, AB, T2P 2V6
Phone: (825) 425-1222

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Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Guelph Area Office

73 Water St North, Suite 300
Cambridge, ON, N1R 7L6
Phone: (519) 513-4111

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Fredericton Office

346 Queen Street, Suite 203
Fredericton, NB, E3B 1B2
Phone: (506) 459-1770
Fax: (506) 459-5026

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Greater Toronto Area Office

4 Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 1500
Mississauga, ON, L4Z 1S1
Phone: (905) 949-2755
Fax: (905) 949-1752

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Maryland Office

4445 Willard Avenue, Suite 600
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Phone: (240) 400-7725

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Saskatoon Office

2366 Avenue C. North
Saskatoon, SK, S7L 5X5
Phone: (306) 900-6505

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Vancouver Office

838 Hastings Street West, Suite 700
Vancouver, BC, V6C 0A6
Phone: (778) 608-2323

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Image of Winnipeg Skyline for PLC office location in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Office

330 St. Mary Avenue, Suite 300
Winnipeg, MB, R3C 3Z5
Phone: (431) 430-1444

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How Can We Help?

We’d love to understand your fire and life safety needs to see how we can help. Please reach out to us to schedule a conversation.

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