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Pre-Fire Plan Development

Planning for a fire before it occurs is the best method to minimize loss of life, provide responding emergency responders important information, and minimize property damage.

How PLC Can Help

Specific classes of buildings are required to have emergency planning documents as per the requirement of the applicable National or Provincial Fire Code. These include but is not limited to buildings equipped with fire alarm systems, having an assembly, care, treatment or detention occupancy, indoor/outdoor storage, dangerous goods or hazardous processes are required to have emergency planning  Fire Safety Plans are to include:

· Emergency procedures to evacuate the building and to put systems in a safe operating state if needed,

· Initiating emergency response (fire alarm) and notifying the fire department or emergency response,

· Instructions for occupants during an emergency, and instructions to evacuate occupants,

· Instructions to confine, controlling and extinguish fires,

· Training of staff of emergency procedures,

· Identifying the type, location, and operation of building fire emergency systems,

· Holding fire drills,

· Instructions and procedures to control fire hazards in the building(s),

· And identifying the inspection, testing and maintenance requirements for building systems responsible for life safety.

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How Can We Help?

We’d love to understand your fire and life safety needs to see how we can help. Please reach out to us to schedule a conversation.

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