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Deluge Water Spray Systems

Owners and operators of some industrial facilities such as chemical manufacturing plants, nuclear power plants and aircraft hangars have a higher risk of a fire growing uncontrollably. Deluge Water Spray Systems are effectively used in these and other high-hazard areas because they release water or other fire suppressants to all the open sprinkler heads simultaneously. This total flood method douses a fire before it has the chance to grow uncontrollably. Deluge sprinkler systems are ideal for the protection of hazardous materials/equipment as well as areas subjected to freezing conditions. They are commonly employed to protect transformers, conveyors, pits, and high-hazard materials including combustible dust and flammable liquids. Paired with fast-acting detection systems, they can protect against fires with a potential for rapid growth or spread as deluge systems quickly deliver a high volume of water. They can act to create to buffer between fire zones by thoroughly drenching and cooling surfaces to prevent damage. A deluge sprinkler system has open sprinklers attached to a piping system with a ready water supply. The deluge sprinkler system valve opens by operation of a fire detection system. The opening valve admits a surge of water into the piping and discharges through all open sprinklers simultaneously.

How PLC Can Help

PLC has the relevant experience and expertise to design, hydraulically calculate and evaluate fire protection systems for critical infrastructure and equipment, including deluge sprinkler and fixed water spray systems.

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