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Fire Alarms Systems Design

A range of services, from developing system design criteria and producing detailed designs, to supervising construction and commissioning systems


Our design packages include schematic designs, detailed designs, construction drawings, and submission packages for building permit applications and Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) approvals.

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Our Services Guide provides complete descriptions of all our fire and life safety services, a mapping of services to sectors, plus information about our:

  • Quality Management Program
  • Health and Safety Program
  • Corporate Security Program
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Whether as part of a larger design team or as an individual design service, PLC provides building owners with expertise in fire alarm system design and related activities. Like all our fire protection and life safety services, our alarm system designs take into consideration the unique and specialized needs of different occupancies and clients; our staff have the necessary knowledge and skill to develop prescriptive or performance-based designs for fire alarm and detection systems in a diverse range of sectors, including complex industrial, commercial, institutional, and nuclear facilities.

Our design packages include:

  • Schematic designs
  • Detailed designs
  • Construction drawings
  • Design specifications
  • Submission packages for building permit applications

“A fire detection and alarm system is a key element among the fire protection features of any building. Because most fire deaths result from building fires, the use of fire detection and alarm systems in buildings can help significantly reduce the loss of life from fire. Also, if properly specified, designed, manufactured, installed, maintained, tested and used, a fire alarm system can help limit property fire losses in buildings regardless of occupancy.”

— NFPA Handbook, 20th ed.

Because PLC is an industry leader—participating on committees for the development of the National Building Code and ULC standards for fire alarm systems, and with active involvement in the Canadian Fire Alarm Association—our engineers stay current with new and emerging technologies.

Informed with up-to-date knowledge, our team designs cost-effective and code-compliant fire alarm systems that meet or exceed safety goals by incorporating advanced features, including improved detection, intelligible notification, central monitoring stations, wireless alarm systems, releasing systems, addressable systems, and system designs that are easily maintained.

PLC staff provide expertise in the following detection types:

  • Heat: spot, rate compensated, hazardous environment, linear
  • Smoke: spot, beam, air aspirating, very early warning
  • Flame: UV, IR, UV/IR, IR with frequency discrimination, video

How Can We Help?

We’d love to understand your fire and life safety needs to see how we can help. Please reach out to us to schedule a conversation.

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