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Commissioning Services

Planning, documenting, scheduling, testing, verifying, and training to ensure fire and life safety systems operate as required


Proper commissioning ensures fire and life safety solutions satisfy operational needs. Over decades of trusted work, our fire safety engineers and technicians have earned a sterling reputation for providing quality commissioning services to our clients, general contractors, Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and end users.

Download our Complete Services Guide

Our Services Guide provides complete descriptions of all our fire and life safety services, a mapping of services to sectors, plus information about our:

  • Quality Management Program
  • Health and Safety Program
  • Corporate Security Program
Download Guide

PLC’s experienced commissioning team helps ensure timely delivery of a quality project while providing the project owner with a strong safety-minded advocate intent on seeing the project through to completion. Involving our experts as early as possible in a project substantially increases the likelihood that a project will be completed on-time and on-budget, as it helps to avoid rework and other inefficiencies that can result from finding safety issues in later stages.

How Can We Help?

We’d love to understand your fire and life safety needs to see how we can help. Please reach out to us to schedule a conversation.

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