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Fire Systems Failures

System failure investigations are a subset of fire loss investigation, often triggered by a fire event that requires a focus on the fire safety systems which should have prevented extensive damage beyond the point of origin. Fire safety systems are a complex set of passive and active systems which are intended to work in conjunction with one another to ensure that the building/facility meets the fire and life safety objectives of regulatory documents, codes, and standards.
PLC has the expertise to investigate fire system failures and establish the cause of a loss.   Identifying factors contributing to the extent of the loss will ensure liability is correctly assigned and will help to prevent similar incidents in the future.

How PLC Can Help

The investigation of fire systems failures involves the analysis of the systems to identify and list occurrences in system failures which could have led to the failure of the systems to provide adequate protection. This may involve the assessment of the facility’s processes and their hazards, as these may have introduced additional fire risk beyond that of the systems designed to protect the facility.  Further assessments of the facility’s fire protection systems would then identify the failure point or points related to the fire safety systems.  These types of assessments require knowledge and expertise in the nuances of integrated system design which PLC staff have obtained.

PLC staff are multidisciplinary which helps us understand the building/facility, its operations, processes, and the fire systems necessary to mitigate these hazards.   PLC’s team uses engineering methodology and tools including computer modelling and investigative methodologies to develop a detailed understanding of the initiating event and sequences that follow, which would allow PLC to identify any points of failure.

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How Can We Help?

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