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Solutions for Residential Occupancies

Each year, residential fires account for the majority of fire-related deaths and injuries in Canada and North America, as well as a tremendous cost to individuals and society.


Taking Care to Prevent Disaster

Residential buildings come in many forms—single family dwellings, university dormitories, multi-floor apartment buildings, hotels and motels, and more—each of which presents fire safety challenges. A fire in a residential building can be devastating—particularly in larger, older structures that might have used combustible materials and that might lack adequate exits.

To reduce the impact of fires and to increase safety for occupants, care must be taken to apply proper construction and fire safety measures.


We offer a full range of fire and life safety services for residential occupancies—to learn more, please download our Solutions for Residential Occupancies infosheet.

If you don’t see a particular service, then please reach out—we might still be able to help you achieve your safety goals. For complete service descriptions, please download our Services Guide.

Your Residential Occupancy Partners

PLC has broad experience with residential occupancies, including apartments, condominiums, university dormitories, hotels, motels, and historic buildings.

PLC’s Fire Safety Engineers have the expertise to make residences as safe as possible, including experience with performance-based evaluations (e.g., timed egress studies and modeling fire and smoke spread) and reviewing facilities to make sure that all details are code compliant.

PLC also conducts evaluations of existing buildings that don’t meet current building codes and identifies cost-effective solutions to permit the buildings’ continued use.

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How Can We Help?

We’d love to understand your fire and life safety needs to see how we can help. Please reach out to us to schedule a conversation.

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