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Fire Protection and Life Safety Services

Since 1983, PLC Fire Safety Solutions has provided professional engineering services in fire and explosion protection and prevention to clients across Canada and internationally. We are proud to provide a comprehensive collection of fire protection and life safety services to clients across a wide range of sectors.

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Our Services Guide provides complete descriptions of all our fire and life safety services, a mapping of services to sectors, plus information about our:

  • Quality Management Program
  • Health and Safety Program
  • Corporate Security Program

If you don’t see a particular service in the list below, that doesn’t mean we can’t help, please contact us so we can understand your needs.

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Fire Hazard Assessment Icon

Fire Hazard Assessments

Applying technical methods to assist our clients’ understanding of the impact of fire or explosion on their facilities.

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Code Compliance - Image

Code Compliance

Assist owners, architects, developers, and authorities to plan and implement designs that meet safety objectives, codes, and standards.

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Commissioning Service - Service - Thumbnail

Commissioning Services

Planning, documenting, scheduling, testing, verifying, and training to ensure fire and life safety systems operate as required.

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Third Party Review - Service - Thumbnail

Third-Party Reviews

Independent reviews by professionals who understand specific industries, conditions of use, and the applicable safety standards.

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Fire Alarm Fire Alarm System - Service - ThumbnailSystem - Service - Thumbnail

Fire Alarm Systems Design

A range of services, from developing system design criteria and producing detailed designs, to supervising construction and commissioning systems.

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Sprinkler System Design - Service - Thumbnail

Sprinkler Systems Design

Design, project management, and contract administration for cost-effective water-based fire protection systems that match hazards with appropriate protection.

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Smoke Management - Service - Thumbnail

Smoke Management

Design of effective smoke management systems that meet a range of design and life safety objectives.

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Special Extinguishing Pack - Service - Thumbnail

Special Extinguishing

Design of cost-effective special extinguishing systems that match hazards with appropriate protection.

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Fire Protection Audit - Service - Thumbnail

Fire Protection Audits

A range of audit services to assist clients in improving fire protection and overall life safety programs while satisfying regulatory commitments.

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Emergency Management - Service - Thumbnail

Emergency Management

Needs assessment and hazards analysis to assist clients in defining the hazards present and to determine the most effective safety controls.

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Loss Investigation - Service - Thumbnail

Loss Investigations

Investigate fire and explosion events to determine cause, to identify contributing factors, and—ultimately—to prevent similar incidents.

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Accessibility Assessments - Service - Thumbnail

Accessibility Assessments

Inspections to assess compliance of buildings and leased facilities with accessibility regulations and standards, including AODA and CSA B651-18.

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Explosion Protection

Identify where hazards are present, help quantify loss potential, and develop cost-effective protection solutions.

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