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Fire Safety Engineering Services

Since 1983, PLC Fire Safety Solutions has been providing professional fire safety and engineering services to clients across Canada and internationally.


Transportation hubs and systems, including airports, railways, and others, present significant fire and life safety challenges.

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Health Care

Solutions for Health Care Facilities. Hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, and other care facilities have unique fire and life safety challenges.

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Nuclear facilities—including power plants, research labs, and more—are incredibly complex, and present unique fire safety challenges.

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We excel in the delivering innovative, practical, and cost-effective fire safety services, including:

A Partner You Can Trust

We are uniquely positioned to provide our clients a comprehensive collection of services that meet their fire protection and life safety objectives. Here are a few organizations who’ve put their trust in us — just click on a logo to learn more about each project.

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Protecting Adjacent Buildings

Protecting Adjacent Buildings

When it comes to the protection of adjacent buildings, commonly used terms such as Exposure Protection and Spatial Separation should be familiar to most. The need to protect adjacent buildings arises from the possibility of spread of a fire from the building of origin to a neighbouring building/structure due to heat exposure from the fire [...]
Low, Medium, and High Expansion Foam Systems

Low, Medium, and High Expansion Foam Systems

1. Introduction: Foam systems use Low, Medium, and High Expansion foam concentrates to discharge foam into protected areas. Finished foam is a stable mass of small bubbles of lower density than most flammable liquids and water. Foam is a blanketing and cooling agent that is produced by mixing air into a foam solution that contains [...]

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We’d love to understand your fire and life safety needs to see how we can help. Please reach out to us to schedule a conversation.

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