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Fire Safety Plans

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Fire Safety Plans are an important aspect of a facility’s overall fire protection program. The National Fire Code of Canada (NFCC) and other regionally enforced fire codes or municipal by-laws require Fire Safety Plans to be developed for a variety of facilities, including:

  • Every building containing an assembly, care, treatment, or detention occupancy;
  • Every building required to have a fire alarm system;
  • Demolition and Construction sites;
  • Flammable or combustible liquid storage or processing facilities; and
  • Facilities with other hazardous storage or processes.

Common examples of buildings requiring a fire safety plan are bars/restaurants, dance clubs, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, seniors assisted living homes, penitentiaries, larger residential buildings, high rise buildings, and many industrial facilities.

A Fire Safety Plan not only provides details on what to do during an emergency, but it also provides guidance on the inspection, testing and maintenance requirements for the building’ fire and life safety systems. These include daily, weekly, and monthly checks conducted by staff. and annual tests conducted by qualified contractors.

The Fire Safety Plan will document the emergency procedures to be followed. Supervisory staff will be appointed and trained to carry out fire safety duties (including prior, during and post-fire incident). These staff members will help occupants evacuate the facility in a timely manner and be a liaison with the responding fire department. The fire safety plan will be developed in collaboration with the local fire department and will contain relevant details to assist the fire department in the event of a fire call.

Outside of the actions required during an emergency, the Fire Safety Plan helps mitigate a fire incident by addressing staff training needs, establishing fire drill guidelines including drill frequency, provide guidance on general fire hazard controls and common fire safety practices, maintaining the fire safety systems and fire-watch guidelines for when fire safety systems are out of service for extended periods of time.

Since 1983, PLC Fire Safety Engineering have been producing cost-effective, functional fire safety plans.  Our plans fully comply with the requirements of the NFCC, OFC, and BCFC.  PLC fire safety plans organize information in an easily understandable manner, allowing the user quick access to the plan’s content.  Contact PLC for all your fire safety requirements.

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