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Why PLC?

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Many things go into the making a good engineering company, technically competent engineers, formalized processes that are optimized to minimize operational burden, staff actively involved in the development of our industry codes and standards, a culture based on learning and continuous improvement, employee wellbeing, and of primary importance client-centric thinking that includes honesty, integrity and transparency.

Why choose PLC Fire Safety Engineering over our larger American competitors or multi-national, multi-discipline engineering companies?  Because we are committed to our clients.  We have adopted a culture of continuous improvement, striving to further ourselves professionally, technically, operationally.  We have on staff some of the best, most knowledgeable Fire Protection Engineers in the country.  We will always work to help our clients solve their Fire Protection problems in a manner that ensures their fire protection challenges are addressed and goals are achieved in the most technically appropriate and cost-effective manner.

We are Canada’s Fire and Life Safety Engineering Company

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