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TRIUMF – Project Summary

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Fire Hazard Assessment for Main Facilities

TRIUMF is Canada’s particle accelerator centre. From the hunt for the smallest particles in the universe to the development of new technologies, including next-generation batteries and medical isotopes, TRIUMF is pushing the frontiers in research to advance science, medicine, and business.

Since 1995, TRIUMF has built up several beamlines that provide low-intensity, energetic proton and neutron beams to simulate radiation exposures either in space or terrestrial environments. Those radiation exposures are used to conduct experiments and testing and produce radioactive materials, and also results in radioactive contamination of materials and equipment at the facility.  Therefore, TRIUMF is regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) which requires compliance the CSA Standard N393-13, Fire Protection for Facilities that Process, Handle, or Store Nuclear Substances. Compliance with CSA N393-13 requires the conduct of a number of evaluations and assessments to help maintain fire safe facilities.

PLC Fire Safety Engineering (PLC) provided fire protection expertise in assisting TRIUMF in meeting its commitments to the CNSC and conform to CSA N393-13 by performing the Fire Hazard Assessment for the main facilities, as well as for the proposed Institute for Advanced Medical Isotopes (IAMI) Building. PLC has also conducted the Fire Protection Program Audit for TRIUMF and has conducted annual site condition inspection to confirm compliance with the National Fire Code of Canada.

PLC has also assisted other nuclear clients required to conform to the CSA N393-13 standard, including the Canadian Light Source 2.9 GeV storage ring and a linear accelerator in Saskatoon, Cameco Corporation’s refining, conversion and fuel bundle assembly facilities, and the McMaster University research reactor.

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