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SRB Technologies – Project Summary

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Fire Safety at the
Pembroke ON Facility

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SRB Technologies, Inc. (SRB) is the World leader in Self-Powered Emergency Lighting and Self Powered Exit Signs.  The company was the original commercial developer of the Self Powered Tritium Light Source during the 1960’s. As a facility that handles a nuclear substance, PLC provides SRB Technologies with several fire protection services to help them comply with CAN/CSA-N393-13, Fire Protection for Facilities that Process, Handle, or Store Nuclear Substances.

CAN/CSA-N393-13 requires assessment of the fire protection program at least once every three years. PLC has provided the auditing services that reviewed the fire safety related aspects of the Pembroke ON facility to determine compliance with the CAN/CSA-N393-13 Standard and other applicable Codes and Standards referenced therein. Related to the three-year audit cycle, PLC completes an annual site condition inspection aimed at identifying unmitigated fire hazards, or other instances where the Fire Code or SRB Technologies internal procedures are not being followed. For a relatively small company, PLC has always been impressed with the robustness of the SRB Technologies’ fire protection program.

In addition to the fire protection program audit activities, PLC has also produced other CAN/CSA-N393-13 required assessments; the Fire Hazard Assessment, the Code Compliance Review and the Fire Response Needs Analysis.

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