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Wildland Fire Risk Assessments

In Canada, we see approximately 8000 wildfires burn 2.5 million hectares annually on average. In 2021 one of the most notable and devastating wildfires was the Lytton Creek wildfire, which torched the village of Lytton and left two dead. In 2016, a wildland fire forced the evacuation of Fort McMurray with 9.9 Billion in direct and indirect costs. In Canada, the wildland-urban interface is extensive and the risk of wildfires that can cause fire damage to residential areas and buildings is significant. Understanding the risks associated with the wildland-urban interface is key to minimizing damage caused by wildland fires.

How PLC Can Help

PLC engineers have the expertise to conduct a wildland risk assessment which identifies the extent to which a fire originating from vegetative fuels (surface and ladder) found in wildland combustible materials can spread to adjacent buildings or valuable assets. In addition, the assessment determines if the fire prevention measures in place reduce the overall risk from the fire or if additional measures are required.  These wildland fire risk assessments are utilized by clients to improve their interface between their urban centres and the wildland.

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