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Heritage Buildings

Solutions for Heritage Buildings

Heritage buildings are national treasures and they need to be preserved for the benefit of future generations.


Retrofitting to Improve Safety

Heritage buildings were constructed in eras where building and fire codes either didn’t exist or weren’t as rigorous as today, many heritage buildings made extensive use of combustible materials. Similarly, the life safety systems protecting these buildings and their occupants were limited and unlikely to meet today’s standards.To safely preserve these sites, modern standards and systems need to be applied, but retrofitting mustn’t damage buildings or compromise their appearance. Since every heritage building is different, it takes specialized expertise and experience to perform these upgrades.


We offer a full range of fire and life safety services for heritage buildings—to learn more, please download our Solutions for Heritage Buildings infosheet. If you don’t see a particular service, then please reach out—we might still be able to help you achieve your safety goals.

For complete service descriptions, please download our Services Guide.

Specialized Expertise with Heritage Buildings

Heritage buildings typically have unique fire protection challenges that often need to be addressed in ways that are quite different from those used in modern structures.

PLC Fire Safety Solutions has extensive experience in retrofitting heritage buildings—our Fire Safety Engineers know how to account for the particular challenges of bringing older buildings up to modern safety standards and will work with you to achieve today’s fire and life safety goals while minimizing the impact on a site’s historical value.

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How Can We Help?

We’d love to understand your fire and life safety needs to see how we can help. Please reach out to us to schedule a conversation.

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    Project Spotlight: New Brunswick Legislative Assembly

    The New Brunswick Legislative Assembly has been the seat of provincial government since it opened in 1882. The building was officially declared a protected historic site under the Historic Sites Protection Act. PLC prepared tender documents for the upgrading of the existing dry sprinkler system in the Legislative Assembly Building by replacing the older sections of the sprinkler system.

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