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Luke Morrison: 2017 FSEP Plenary Presentation

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Fire safety at nuclear sites requires a multi-disciplinary approach that touches on several operational groups within the licensed facility.  Facility owners and government regulators are required to ensure that a high degree of quality is provided in the design, construction, and operation of a nuclear facility.  The principle of quality is inherent in the approaches we take in our work and is defined in standards such as CSA N286.  This standard is written to cover the complex aspects of radiation and reactor safety but it is also applicable to fire safety.  How do we apply these requirements to activities as diverse as Fire Safe Shutdown Assessments and emergency response; or fire protection system design and transient combustible inspections?

It is the purpose of this presentation to review the principles contained in the industry quality standards and demonstrate their application to fire safety.  Establishing effective fire safety requires a hazard identification, a definition of the potential consequences and fire control measures to reduce the risk to a level as low as reasonably achievable.  If we are to be successful in achieving quality in fire safety each step in the process must be subjected to quality measures.  These principles, and how they are met, will be described in this presentation.

View the complete presentation: FSEP 2017 Plenary Presentation

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