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Infinity Rubber – Project Summary

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Dust Explosion Hazard Assessment for Welland Facility

In this project PLC was tasked with assisting Infinity Rubber Technology Group Inc. with addressing safety concerns regarding dust handling equipment used in their production process. The safety concern was the lack of explosion protection for the building and the four dust collection systems used in the production areas. The objective of this project was to assist Infinity Rubber Technology Group Inc. in developing an achievable solution to address the explosion hazard concern.

Major components of the project included:

  • Site inspection of the Welland facility to witness the production process.
  • Review of Ontario Fire Code (OFC) requirements for processes and process equipment handling combustible dust.
  • A review of the material hazards used in the rubber production process and passing through the dust collection equipment. This included a review of the explosibility test reports for samples taken from the site.
  • A review of the National Fire Code of Canada (NBCC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for dust hazards.
  • A risk assessment based on the material hazards and the rubber production process.
  • The development of a cost-effective alternative solution for the existing building and dust collection equipment that will improve the overall safety of the process and building occupants.

Through a risk-based assessment, PLC was able to develop a cost-effective solution that met the needs for Infinity Rubber Technology Group Inc. and improved the overall safety of the facility to a level required by the OFC.

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