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COVID-19 – Business Continuity

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To our Clients and Partners,

Amid COVID-19 concerns and to ensure the safety of our staff, our client’s staff and the uninterrupted provision of our services, PLC Fire Safety Engineering (PLC) has implemented our pandemic plan and are taking the following steps:

  • International travel has been discontinued and domestic travel will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • PLC staff are now working from home until the COVID-19 situation stabilizes.   To minimize the impact on our clients, PLC employs technology that allows our staff to work from home, including the ability to seamlessly answer their work phones remotely.
  • All meetings between staff and clients should, to the greatest extent possible, be held via teleconference or video conference.  Meetings of the utmost importance requiring face to face communications will be evaluated and must be approved by our emergency management team.
  • Our plan will be reassessed on a daily basis and further measures to minimize the impact of the pandemic on our staff and clients will be implemented as necessary.

We appreciate your understanding as we try to navigate this difficult time.

Ghaith Qamheiah, PLC President

Ghaith - PLC President

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