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Bruce Power – Project Summary

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Bruce Power – Project Summary

Bruce Power is the world’s largest operating nuclear facility with eight CANDU reactors, located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. The facility generates 6,400 megawatts, supplying over 30 percent of Ontario’s electricity at 30 percent less than the average cost to produce residential power.  PLC provides Fire Protection Program Audits for Bruce Power.  In this multi-year project, PLC was tasked with performing fire protection program audits for the Bruce Power facility in Tiverton, Ontario.  The facility consists of Bruce A and Bruce B plants, with each plant containing four reactor units.

CAN/CSA-N293-12, Fire Protection for CANDU Nuclear Power Plants, requires assessment of the fire protection program at least once every three years. PLC conducted a series of audits over a three-year period that reviewed the fire safety related aspects of plant operation to determine compliance with the CAN/CSA-N293-12 Standard and other applicable Codes and Standards referenced therein. Major components of the fire protection program audit included the following:


  • Review of fire protection program procedures for compliance with the requirements of CAN/CSA-N293-12, National Fire Code of Canada 2012 and other applicable standards;
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) procedures for fire protection systems (automatic suppression, manual suppression, fire alarm and detection, fire barriers, emergency lighting and power systems, and special protection systems) Fire prevention procedures (control of transient combustibles, ignition sources, hot work and general housekeeping);
  • Site Inspection of a sample of station units and buildings, interviews with staff, and review of inspection, testing and maintenance records for evidence of fire protection program implementation; and
  • Audit of a site emergency response fire brigade fire drill at each of Bruce A and Bruce B stations.

PLC has also assisted in the review and/or update of fire protection programs of other nuclear clients including Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) Darlington and Pickering Nuclear Generating Stations, New Brunswick Power’s Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station, as well as other nuclear non-power generating facilities including the McMaster University research reactor and Cameco Corporation’s uranium mining, refining, conversion and fuel bundle assembly facilities.

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